I am creating this show because it's time! With the success of shows like OITNB, Transparent and Girls, America is learning the greatest life lessons from the least expected places. Because rarely is there three dimensional representation of boyish women who look like me on television (except for maybe you, Ellen D!)

And what does boyish even mean anyway?  In a day where each of us are so much more than our perceived labels, I like to think that we all stay a little boyish, aging well past how we feel on the inside.

And just like the characters in Boyish, we keep meaningful friendships in the real world that cross lines of personal politics, sexual orientation, religious beliefs and more. We not only learn from them, we thrive on them. 

Boyish — where it applies is not a coming out story. It is post all of that. It is a story that catches up to androgynous women and their friends from varying backgrounds ten, fifteen years later, gay or straight, purple or blue - after whatever it we declared we were in our 20s. A group of unconventional and newly 30somethings who have one thing in common: being nowhere near where our parents were at our age and also maybe the tiny insurmountable fear of dying tomorrow and having nothing to show for it.

I look forward to working with you on developing a dynamic show that is as thoughtful as it is hilarious, with characters who fall outside the same old stereotypical archetypes, with layers just like you or me. 


Lianna Carrera
Stand-Up Comedian
Creator, Executive Producer

presented with: 
Amber Ruffin
Late Night with Seth Meyers
Co-Executive Producer, NBC. 

Lianna Carrera is a Cuban-American stand-up comedian who has toured through Africa, Ireland, and the United States. She is the gay daughter of a southern baptist minister and her mother and brother are Deaf. This mix of background has propelled her to skillfully maneuver across culture lines to create work that is authentic, smart, approachable and funny. 

A real photo of Lianna being a bridesmaid in her sister's wedding.